"allow parent delete..."

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"allow parent delete..."

Postby david » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:47 pm

i don't think i've ever asked for a feature to be removed in servoy but this one check box in the relationship dialog can be a real pain to track down.

i see the logic of having a restraint like this. however, in practice you have all kinds of relationships pointing all over the place to give you various views and value lists. so you can easily have multiple relationships that have to maintain this logic constraint.

particularly if you code with modules. once you put all your modules together if you forgot this one checkbox on one relationship in one of your modules ....

add in multiple developers to a project and one of them forgot to check this box ....

if i needed to have this logic before it was easy enough to add this check in the record delete method. we also have an onRecordDeleteCmd() now as well we can trap for. both ways much easier to enforce whether or not you allow parent records to be deleted or not because it is happening at an event level you define.

if you can't easily track or manage something, it is not useful to me. and this feature is impossible to manage in it's current implementation. the only thing it has done for us is create confusion.
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Postby Thomas Parry » Fri Jan 18, 2008 4:50 pm

I fully support this feature request "removal". As David says there are now more specific ways of dealing with the problem.

This might break existing solutions - so perhaps some other overriding parameters could be invented to "ignore" the "allow parent delete setting".

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