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Re: Servoy 5.0 rc3

Postby Gary R. Schaecher » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:47 pm

Has anyone got the popup menu to popup on a field within a table in the webclient? The onRightClick fires, but the popup menu doesn't appear like it does in the SmartClient?

Gary R. Schaecher
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Gary R. Schaecher
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Re: Servoy 5.0 rc3

Postby Komane » Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:07 am

[fix] 249293 WebClient anchoring issue in Tableviews: Finally, this case is solved. The columns look very good in the browser, and the columns are also resizable.

But, columns in the smart-client's tableview are not resizable anymore. This is a bug in 5.0.x version. The 4.x versions does not have this bug. Has anybody noticed this or is there a property settings for element resizability elsewhere?

Greetings, Kevin S.
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Re: Servoy 5.0 rc3

Postby gerzse » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:06 am


In tableview, for the columns that you want resizable, you should set the anchoring to include both "left" and "right". Then they should be resizable in both smart client and web client.
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Re: Servoy 5.0 rc3

Postby jcompagner » Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:35 pm

Gary R. Schaecher wrote:We found that in version 5.0 it doesn't appear you have to execute the hack (// to enable events and methods to run while in 'find' mode. This is an improvement, but we Servoy still doesn't allow the same flexibility on the dataprovider itself, only on buttons and labels. We really needed this to work on the dataprovider field so we are back to ground zero, with no way to implement an interface that was in our legacy application in Omnis. I'm not sure if this restriction has any reason to exist or if it just Servoy trying to 'protect' beginner programmers from shooting themselves in the foot. As Servoy as a product matures, they need to relinquish this 'parental' type of control which was fine for FileMaker programmers and make the assumption that we are adults now and can handle the consequences of our own 'coding'. I guess this is why some programmers stay away from 4GL's and stick with C++ and Java so they have 'full' control.

when i have this code attached to a button:

Code: Select all
function onAction(event)
   if (!isinfind)
      isinfind = controller.find();
      isinfind = false;

then it works fine for me, i can toggle the find/search when pressing that button.

problem with just allowing everything to run in find is that many methods are not build for that.
So to make it maybe better we could annotate the method in the doc or something that this method also can be called in find. So that the method it self defines it.
Johan Compagner
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