Servoy R2 2.0 RC9 available

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Servoy R2 2.0 RC9 available

Postby Jan Aleman » Wed Mar 10, 2004 12:29 am

We announce the immediate availability of Servoy 2.0RC9.

This release is only available as autoupdate for developers using RC8. Read the release notes of RC8 for more details:

[fix]-bgcolor behavior change
[fix]-current record lost in printpreview
[fix]-import problem
[fix]-repainting components after size/location changes
[fix]-Don't show ID in combo when readonly (if display/real are different)
[fix]-Checkbox also works on strings ("1" == selected)
[fix]-Dynamic global variables (globals.XXX = 'yyy' possible when XXX is not defined)
[fix]-1 or 0 also seens as boolean with element boolean values.
[fix]-Stackoverflow error with circular relations.
[fix]-RelatedFoundSets aren't updated icw foundSetUpdater
[fix]-globals methods are moved in submenu if over 20 present
[fix]-savedata shortcut key 'F6' in Developer is now working
[fix]-extract style slowness
[fix]-sort on form icw empty foundset did return all records
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Postby IT2Be » Wed Mar 10, 2004 11:53 pm

And then there was the methods menu.

Thanks guys, great work!!!
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