REST hedless client timeout

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REST hedless client timeout

Postby ionelioras » Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:56 pm

Servoy 8.2.3
RESTful Web Services Plugin:
- Pool size: 10
- Exhausted action: grow

I have 3 solutions that open headless clients for http requests. With the above configuration, 2 of them have 8 clients, the 3rd one only 1, so in total 17 headless clients, some of them idle for 4 hours.
The problem is that in a moment when 8 requests were done at the same second, one of the requests got a timeout. The 3rd party application that generates the requests has the timeout set to 20 seconds(they say).
Is there any reason why it happens this? Is there a better configuration to avoid this issue?
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