Tabsequence is not Maintain from Form to TabPanel

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Tabsequence is not Maintain from Form to TabPanel

Postby nikita.solanki » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:09 am


I have Query about Tabsequence in TabPanel in Servoy version Version:

I have below Scenario in which my tabsequence is not working well.

I have one Main form in which I have Placed Components in it.In the Main form I have Place "TabPanel" in it.
I have already set tab sequence in all the Controls in the Main form & also in Tab Panel.When I run that form & Press the Tab key from
Input Controls then after TabSequence "2" it will jump directly to that TabPanel in which my dynamic List is bind.


I have 5 textboxes & 2 DatetimePickers controls in My Main form. After That My tabPanel is there in which my Dynamic List is bind.
When I press the Tab key from 2nd Textbox then it will direct jump to tabpanel's List,But in Actual scenario it should go sequecially from Textboxes to the Tab Panel.

In above Case what can I do for Make tab sequence work Correctly & Sequencially ???

Please can anyone let me know what I can do in this ????

Thanks & Regards
Nikita Solanki
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Re: Tabsequence is not Maintain from Form to TabPanel

Postby Joas » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:33 pm

The tabpanel-element is one of the selected elements in the tabsequence of your main form.

So in your case, the tab sequence looks like this:
Code: Select all
textfield 1
textfield 2
textfield 3
textfield 4
textfield 5
calendar 1
calendar 2

When it reaches the tabpanel, it goes through al the elements in the tabsequence of the tabform and after that go to textfield 3.

You probably want to move the tabpanel to the bottom of the tabsequence
Joas de Haan
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