NG onDataChange Problem (8.3.2)

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NG onDataChange Problem (8.3.2)

Postby bcusick » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:40 pm

Hey Guys,

I think I've come across a pretty nasty bug:

When you have a onDataChange() event on a field (just normal, servoy text field - or a bootstrap text field) and that field is bound to a scope variable, it doesn't update.

I've attached a small sample file to demonstrate... but basically:

    1. Create a form variable (text)
    2. Create a scoped variable (text)
    3. Place two fields on your form - one with the form variable as the dataprovider and the other with the scoped variable
    4. Create the following method:
    Code: Select all
    function onDataChange(oldValue, newValue, event) {
       var sFldName = event.getElementName(),
          sFrm = event.getFormName();
       newValue += "ing";
       forms[sFrm][forms[sFrm].elements[sFldName].getDataProviderID()] = newValue;
       return true

    5. Attach the SAME method to the onDataChange event of both fields

What you'll see is - the field with the FORM variable updates, the field with the scoped variable DOES NOT.


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Re: NG onDataChange Problem (8.3.2)

Postby Andrei Costescu » Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:07 am

This sounds pretty clear and reproducible. It happens on all client types?
Please create a case if you didn't do so already.
Andrei Costescu
Andrei Costescu
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