Limitations on Servoy Web Client

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Limitations on Servoy Web Client

Postby automazione » Mon Oct 03, 2005 12:10 pm

In order to avoid reporting problems that depends on already known limitations, can someone of the fabulous-dev-team post here the list of the actual known limitations of the ServoyWebClient.
I made some testing and EUREKA EUREKA EUREKA: IT WORKS!!
just found some glitches but do not want to annoy you with already-known problems...
Thanks in advance
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Postby Jan Blok » Mon Mar 20, 2006 3:28 pm

We have implemented dev filters under the view menu (in Servoy 3.0b1)
to hide things which are not (yet)working (or just impossible to get them to work in a browser)

Here is a list:
Web filter:
-property: rolloverImageMediaID
-property: verticalAlignment
-property: rotation
-property: showFocus
-property startsWith "onFocus"
-property startsWith "anchors"
-property "onAction"
-property "selectOnEnter"
-property endsWith "CmdMethodID"
-property: "resizeble"
-property: "reorderable"
-property: "multiLine"
-property: "intercellSpacing"
-property: "showVerticalLines"
-property: "showHorizontalLines"
-property: "tabOrientation"
-property: "scrollTabs"
//script methods on application object
-method: "showFormInDialog"
-method: "isFormInDialog"
-method: "closeFormDialog"
-method: "showFontChooser"
-method: "showColorChooser"
-method: "showCalendar"
-method: "setWindowLocation"
-method: "setWindowSize"
-method: "updateUI"
-method: "undo"
-method: "redo"
-method: "setToolbarVisible"
-method: "setNumpadEnterAsFocusNextEnabled"
-method: "setClipboardContent"
-method: "getClipboardString"
-method: "playSound"
-method: "isLastPrintPreviewPrinted"
-method: "getWindowX"
-method: "getWindowY"
-method: "getWindowHeight"
-method: "getWindowWidth"
-method: "getScreenHeight"
-method: "getScreenWidth"
-method: "getPrinters"
-method: "getLastKeyModifiers"
-method: "getCurrentLookAndFeelName"
-method: "beep"
-method: "executeProgram"
-method: "executeProgramInBackground"
//script methods on form object
-method: "sortDialog"
-method: "focusFirstField"

Basic filter hides:
-property: useSeparateFoundSet
-treenode: "foundset" under a form node
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