Identify lock owner

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Identify lock owner

Postby ngervasi » Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:29 pm

I have a quite large Servoy solution in production (15+ user) and sometimes it happens that a user "fall to sleep" while editing a record, since I implemented an onRecordEditStart locking mechanism the record remains locked and other users cannot modify it. This is quite annoying cause the stuck user doesn't know who is sleeping on that record and has to pick up his phone or worse go downstairs in the wharehouse and use a water bucket.
It would be useful to be able to retrieve the user who created the lock so that a Dialog could say to the stuck user something like: "Tell <Johnny> to wake up and click out of that !?*# field!!!".
At present the hasLocks() functions only return a boolean, could this function be modified to return the locking user ID?

BTW: looking for a workaround I tried to access the Admin page for Locks with the idea of getting the page in a var and showing that to the user but when I use:
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var pageData = plugins.http.getPageData('http://admin:pass@localhost:8080/servoy-admin/locks')

nothing is returned so I guess the current http browser is not able to login to the admin page, is there something you can do about it while waiting for the new http component?
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