Autosave/find problem (3.0rc2/rc3)

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Autosave/find problem (3.0rc2/rc3)

Postby Dexadrine » Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:00 am

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem.

I have a couple of solutions that I would like to set autosave off on login. I have tried several ways of doing this, including:
1) as part of an "On open method"
2) as part of a method that runs after the login method

Basically what happens is that when autosave is set to false (ie turned off) and I try to do a find on a form (thru ctrl-f or via a method attached to a button), the first time the find will work ok. If I then do another find, nothing happens, at all. No errors (also no servoy log entries), no nothing. Find will not work after the first attempt.

I can clear this by going to design mode then back to runtime mode, but the same thing will happen if i do find again.

I can also solve this by turning autosave on again, find will work ok again.

I would like to be able to set autosave to off for the whole of the solution at login. With this problem I am scuppered.

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Postby Jan Blok » Thu Aug 31, 2006 5:37 pm

In Servoy 3.0 rc3 the find() function returns a boolean, because in combination with usage of setAutoSave its not always possible to go into find.

Current reason for not entering find is that there are unsaved records (which would not be returned by that find leading to strange results)

Please check sample code in rc3 for controller.find() and upcoming new manual for Servoy 3.0
Jan Blok
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