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Servoy 3.5 rc5

Postby svroemisse » Fri Jul 13, 2007 2:53 pm

We announce the immediate availability of Servoy 3.5 rc 5

NOTE: this is PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE, use with caution and make BACKUPS before you start.

This version will be available shortly through auto update for users of versions later than 3.5 b2 (check via help menu -> check for new version)

[enh] startup arguments can be obtained in login form by calling application.getStartupArguments(), returning an array
[enh] timeout parameter for application.showUrl(...)
[enh] tag %%relationname.lazyMaxRecordIndex%% (to be used on tabs) does not trigger the actual foundset loading

[chg] open sourced popup menu plugin, plugin api updated
[chg] Windows Vista users should use the native installer from download page for full install

[fix] requestFocus behavior in rich client dialogs and web client
[fix] controller.setTabOrder(...) also works in web client
[fix] auto-generated sequence names became too long
[fix] fix for unknown char encodings in mail plugin
[fix] exception on use of rtf fields in web client
[fix] for exception when using tabpanel with scrollTabs property set
[fix] fix when using exported remote services in plugins while using the http tunnel
[fix] for using http tunnel over proxy
[fix] datachange always gets the old previous value after returning false in the onDataChange method
[fix] for empty IE7 browser window when using typeahead/auto complete fields and date picker
[fix] back button support enhancement in web client
[fix] no more destroy errors in log when sessions are closed in web client
[fix] type aheads now always sort ascending rather than descending
[fix] legacy v3 behavior for opening/closing form-in-dialogs without dialog name
[fix] error when passing sql to controller.loadRecords with sql retrieved with databaseManager.getSQL(...)
[fix] subsummaries on more than one field could not be made
[fix] formInDialogs mode appear empty when a dialog is shown just before
[fix] problems with tabpanel tabs in Firefox; webclient tabs don't stack or "scroll" in Firefox
[fix] rowBGColorCalculation support for web-record-view
[fix] cursor keeps jumping to the end of paragraph in webclient due to ajax updates
[fix] filled example db with the sample data we had in Sybase 9

Windows Native Installer
For Windows Vista users wishing to install Servoy other than in their own profile, there now is a native installer that enables them to do that. Please see the download page for download details.

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Email validator seems buggy

Postby Michael Mooney » Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:16 am


If I set a std email text field to require validation via the Data Provider Validation tab, it works fine during routine keypunch.

If, however, I attempt this I get a problem:

1. On an existing record, I want to update an email field. I have a long string length (varchar(255)) due to some, shall we say, irregular source data that tends to be rather long-winded at times. However, seems the same on a varchar(80) field.
2. Enter an email field with the email validator running and type some suspect character like "Mr. Smith" into the email field (this simulates a user going into the wrong field and typing merrily away without bothering to check what field they are in).
3. Now try to exit this field without typing in a valid email address. First, try to remove the Mr. Smith (backspace key) and then try to tab out of the field.

I should be able to exit (with an empty field) by using my keyboard to clear out my erroneous typing - imho anyway. Same basic idea as a Valuelist permitting an empty value. rc5 is quite insistent, at present, that I get something in there ... even if I have goofed and don't want anything in the field.

Your thoughts? 3.5 rc5

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