How to "Zoom-In" on form elements

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How to "Zoom-In" on form elements

Postby Westy » Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:59 pm

To "zoom in" on Servoy form elements like fields, text labels, borderpanels, etc. try the following "Zoom-In" form method:
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January 15, 2008
by Dean Westover
give default value of 8 for globals.fontSize
(or use whatever font size you want to start with)
give default value of 101 for globals.zoom
do give a name property to all elements that should be re-sized
do NOT give a name property to elements that should not to be re-sized
attach the following form method to a "Zoom-In" button on your form

for ( var i = 0 ; i < elements.length ; i++ )
   //return height and width
   var w = elements[i].getWidth();
   var h = elements[i].getHeight();
   //set height and width
   //return X and Y location
   var x = elements[i].getLocationX();
   var y = elements[i].getLocationY();
   //set X and Y location
   //return font size
   globals.fontSize = globals.fontSize * globals.zoom/100;
   //set font 'fontname,style,size'
   //style = (plain=0, bold=1, italic=2, bold-italic=3)
   elements[i].setFont('Tahoma,0,' + globals.fontSize);

Any suggestions for enhancing or improving the above code are welcome. Attached is a sample Servoy 3.5.3 solution.

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