Servoy 1.2RC10 (BETA) available

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Servoy 1.2RC10 (BETA) available

Postby Jan Aleman » Fri Nov 21, 2003 2:13 am

Servoy 1.2RC10 is now available for download an testing.

NOTE: this is a beta, avoid using it on production data.

Make a backup of your current Servoy installation directory if you plan to upgrade or perform a clean installation into a new directory.

You can download the beta from the download section on the developer website at: You can find the beta under the header "Download the latest Servoy BETA" on the download page.

Also check the following URLS for earlier 1.2 enhancements and fixes:

[fix]-duplicate form
[fix]-portal background setting
[fix]-warning is given when user password is left empty in security
[fix]-page margin dialog
[fix]-event behaviour
[fix]-client solution cache if not flushed without server restart
[fix]-onShow not called when tabpanels are switched
[fix]-tableview checkbox issue
[fix]-formatting lost after empty find
[fix]-tableview scroll issue
[fix]-security issue
[fix]-forms sorted in security dialog
[fix]-reseting pk sequences not possible
[fix]-deleteAll problem
[fix]-rtf area loose alignment
[fix]-onAction is now triggered on nonEditable field click
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Postby pbakker » Fri Nov 21, 2003 3:47 pm

There is another function added in this RC, see topic:

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